I teach courses in Religious Studies, and Christianity is my specialization. I love studying people’s religious beliefs, how those beliefs are intertwined with other ideas and contexts, and how people’s lives and practices reflect (or not!) their theologies.


Poe 2

Religious beliefs and/or reactions against them are deeply embedded features of most people’s lives on this planet. By studying religions—both one’s own tradition, if applicable, and others’ traditions—we learn that they are complex, various, and have capacities for self-criticism and change. By studying religions, those who are part of a religious tradition may become active shapers of those traditions, and all of us can develop greater respect for our religious and secular neighbors.

Students are wonderful conversation partners in the study of religions, and I am delighted to be part of students’ learning processes. I take a learner-centered approach to teaching, which means that I focus on helping students achieve their particular goals in the classroom, acknowledge the background and skills they bring with them to the classroom, and use learning activities to keep students engaged. I pay special attention to the ways that course material and processes relate to other aspects of students’ lives, both inside and outside the classroom.

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